How Strategic Property Division In North Carolina Affects Your Life

How Strategic Property Division In North Carolina Affects Your Life

Strategic Property Division is a term that refers to the process of dividing marital property equitably. There are many reasons why someone would want to do this, including but not limited to divorce, separation, and death. This article will discuss the effects of the Strategic Property Division in North Carolina on your life by looking at different scenarios where it might apply and how these can impact you and your family.

Effects of Strategic Property Division:

In the event of divorce, most properties are divided equally. A couple can choose to divide it in a different way if they wish, but this would not be considered strategic division as there are no definitive goals.

Divorce Court will assess all assets and debts and then decide how much each person needs to receive from the marital estate. The factors considered are their occupational status, earnings potentials, age, abilities or disabilities that may affect future income-earning ability (including child care), education level relative to employment opportunity levels within the community where they live, etc.

On the other hand, when two people decide to separate instead of filing for divorce, things become more complicated because, legally, they still have some type of attachment between them. This is why it’s essential to hire an experienced divorce attorney who knows the law and will protect your rights instead of one that takes a shortcut.

In the event of separation, many things are still considered marital property. For example, if you controlled all joint assets such as bank accounts before separating, they would be classed as belonging equally with both parties even though no marriage contract was signed.

People also make mistakes when dividing their properties by not considering specific factors like tax implications or prenuptial agreements, including provisions about inheritance if you pass away before your partner does.

These are some reasons for having Strategic Property Division North Carolina affect your life. Before making any major decisions involving strategic property division in North Carolina, ensure that you consult an experienced attorney like Marshall & Taylor without any second thoughts. This is the only way to wrap up things smoothly.

Why Should You Follow A Healthy Lifestyle?

Why Should You Follow A Healthy Lifestyle?

People make money and forget to take care of their health, and later on, they spend that money to revive their health. It’s a vicious cycle that many fail to escape. It’s already too late to go back by the time they realize their mistake. If you don’t want to commit the same error, then take the necessary steps right from the beginning. This post explains why it’s essential to follow a healthy lifestyle. Keep on reading to learn more about it.

Benefits of Healthy Lifestyle:

The first and foremost important benefit of following a healthy lifestyle is that you don’t have to burn your hard-earned money on medical bills. You may not realize it now, but medical expenses can lead to bankruptcy if you don’t plan things in the right way. Instead of visiting hospitals and requesting doctors to help you live, you must focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

It not only helps you save medical expenses but also ensures that you feel good every day. Start with including the best nutritional supplement in your diet and spending just 60 minutes in the gym doing cardio and lifting weights. As you get used to this routine, you’ll realize how amazing life can be.

Once you turn things around and start following a proper healthy routine, you can see a visible difference in your bone health and muscle mass. It’s something that can earn instant attention from anyone at social gatherings. Also, when you eat clean and healthy food daily, you don’t have to worry about weight gain. Your body maintains its shape and ensures that your youth lasts longer than ordinary people.

All in all, you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain if you follow a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, most people don’t understand its importance when they have time. Don’t be like them. Attend that gym session you have been avoiding for a long time, start moving around during the day, and immediately switch to healthy food supplements. Make these small changes in your lifestyle and enjoy incredible benefits for the next many years.

How To Manage Hair Loss If You Are A Woman?

How To Manage Hair Loss If You Are A Woman?

As a woman, you need to keep many things in mind to ensure your social image remains intact. The way you carry yourself, including your dressing sense, hair, makeup, etc. plays a considerable role in how people perceive you. 

Since you can always have full control over your makeup and clothes, there is nothing much to worry about. However, hair can create issues sometimes, especially when you start losing too much of it. 

You mustn’t take things lightly in this situation, as even a small mistake can cause complete baldness. Every woman loses a few dozen hair strands daily. There is nothing to worry about as new hair keeps growing in the same proportion. However, when the situation gets out of control, and you start losing too many hair strands, that’s when you need to take action. 

Here are some tips that can come handy whenever you start experiencing considerable hair loss regularly. 

Analyze your lifestyle choices once again. Are you overeating junk food, drinking heavily, not taking proper sleep, or not finding time to exercise? If the answer is yes, then change your lifestyle immediately. It might seem not easy in the beginning, but imagine having a sizable hairless spot on your scalp. Nothing can be worse than that. 

Once you have made corrections in your lifestyle, the next step is to schedule an appointment with a hair expert like and discuss this problem in detail. There are many certified haircare experts available to serve you and will recommend appropriate treatments to fix your hair loss problem once and for all. 

Follow these tips without failure, so that hair loss doesn’t take a toll on your mental health and social image ever.

Why do so many men lose their hair?

Why do so many men lose their hair?

We know hair loss affects everybody — in fact, there is a condition called female pattern baldness. But, if we’re being honest with ourselves, we all probably associate hair loss with men. When we think of aging, we commonly think of an older man with a bald head.

There is a reason why this picture comes to mind — balding is a hallmark of male aging, not female aging. But why? According to hair loss specialist and trainer Valerie Weber, it is estimated that more than 40% of women also lose their hair. Comparatively, more than 60% of men will experience some sort of thinning. So what is it about the male body that makes prone to balding? Check out what I found below.

The Science

Most men who lose their hair when they grow older lose it due to a condition called male pattern baldness. Male pattern baldness is easy to spot: it begins with a receding hairline that starts at the crown of the head. With time, hair will begin to disappear in a horseshoe like pattern. If you’re living with male pattern baldness, you’re certainly not alone. Scientists estimate that it affects about 50 million men living in the United States, and that it affects half of men over the age of 50 years old.

To better understand why some men are afflicted by this condition, we have to look at genetics. It is caused, in part, by genes that a man receives from his parents. This explains why some men have a full head of hair into their later years, and some men begin to lose hair as soon as they turn middle-aged. 

For men with male pattern baldness, the gene they inherit from their parents influences how sensitive their hair is to a hormone called dihydrotestosterone or DHT. This hormone is a hormone that triggers the development of male characteristics during puberty and it is present in a male’s body throughout his life. For those with sensitive hair follicles, DHT can bind to certain receptors in the hair follicles, which causes the follicles to shrink and eventually die.

Of course, it is important to remember that male pattern baldness is not the only cause of hair loss in men. Keep in mind that male pattern baldness is usually a gradual thinning over a long period of time — hair loss that occurs suddenly is likely due to some other underlying health condition. No matter what the source of your hair loss is, the first thing you should do when you notice it is to reach out to your doctor as soon as possible.

What to Do
The good thing about so many men experiencing hair loss as they age is that this means that there are a wide variety of different hair loss solutions out there for you to choose from. One of the most popular solutions right now is a procedure called scalp micropigmentation. Scalp micropigmentation is a process similar to tattooing that fills in your hairline with specialized micro pigments. The result is a more full and dense hairline. And best of all, the process requires no recovery time, according to Scottsdale Hairlines.

Tips to Make Your Eyebrows Look Great

Tips to Make Your Eyebrows Look Great

Even with the most well-blended eyeshadow or flawless looking foundation, the perfect makeup look is nothing without good eyebrows. Eyebrows are truly the make or break part of any makeup routine. A well-shaped brow can hold any look together; but bad looking brows can ruin all your hard work.

So, it’s obvious that all of us want perfect brows, but how do we get them? We partnered with Jenna Leigh ( to give you insider info. Check out the tips below.

Get them Shaped. The first thing you should do on your quest to getting perfect brows is to get them shaped, either by wax or threading. Having well-manicured brow will help you fill them in while you apply your makeup. This is especially important if you want to use a product like pomade on your brows, which can be difficult to manage at first due to its thick consistency. Getting rid of excess eyebrow hair will make it easier to create the perfect shape for your face, helping you not to waste product and avoid a long, drawn out eyebrow routine.

Try a Pencil. While pomade products, mentioned above, are certainly the craze right now, you may want to try out an eyebrow pencil first. As previously stated, pomade products are very thick and can be hard to use for makeup newbies. Plus, they require a steady hand and extreme precision. Eyebrow pencils are a bit more forgiving and are much more straightforward to use. Plus, there are cheap yet still high quality options available at the drugstore!

Get them Microbladed. Microblading eyebrows has become a huge trend in the beauty industry, and for good reason. Microblading is a form of permanent makeup in which semi-permanent pigments are applied to the eyebrows to fill them in. The result is professionally sculpted eyebrows that look striking, yet completely natural at the same time. Plus, when they’re done, you won’t have to spend time doing your brows each day, saving you both time and energy. 

Tweeze! Tweezing your eyebrows daily may seem like a hassle, but it is a small step that can keep your eyebrows consistently looking great. We never realize how much an annoying, little stray hair can ruin our look until one pops up. To keep pesky hairs away, make sure to tweeze your eyebrows each day. Try incorporating tweezing into your morning or makeup routine so that it is easier to remember to do it everyday.

Practice makes perfect! Even the most successful makeup artists had to practice getting their eyebrow skills to where they are today. Remember that makeup wipes off, so there is no harm in practicing doing your eyebrows every night before you go to bed. Besides, the beauty industry has completely exploded online, and there are thousands of eyebrow tutorials available to watch online. You’ll be amazed at how great your eyebrows can look if you spend just 5 minutes a day practicing filling them in.

I hope these tips help you get the best brows of your life!

3 Ways Stress Causes Hair Loss

3 Ways Stress Causes Hair Loss

As most everybody knows, stress can have a significant impact on our mental health. High levels of stress have been linked to anything from high blood pressure to stomach ulcers. As we pay more attention to how stress impacts our bodies, we shouldn’t ignore the fact that stress can cause hair loss.

Check out three ways stress can cause hair loss down below, as well as some potential solutions for your hair troubles. 

Telogen Effluvium

One way that stress can lead to hair loss is by inducing a condition called telogen effluvium. With this condition, stress coaxes a significant amount of hair follicles into the resting phase of the hair cycle. When in the resting phase of the hair cycle, strands of hair become weak and do not reach their full growth. Thus, those with telogen effluvium may notice strands of hair falling out in the shower or when simply brushing their hair. 


Trichtillomania, unlike telogen effluvium, is more a mental condition rather than a physical one. Those living with trichotillomania live with an irresistible urge to pull out their hair, despite the pain hair pulling can cause. Hair pulling is used as a way to deal with the negative emotions that come from stress. Sometimes trichotillomania can be so intense that it leads one to pull out entire clumps of hair from their head. In some cases, those with the disorder may even rip of hair from their eyebrows or even their eyelashes.

Alopecia Areata

Out of the three conditions discussed in this post, alopecia areata is perhaps the one experts know the least about. Alopecia areata is an immune disorder in which the body’s immune system attacks the hair follicles, causing them to fall out in patches. Determining the cause of alopecia areata has been the main focus of scientific research for decades. There are many suggested causes of alopecia areata, and one of them is believed to be high levels of stress. Unfortunately, there is no current cure for alopecia areata. 


No matter the cause of your hair loss, you have options that can help you get your hair back. You can opt for more traditional methods, like hair transplant surgery or medications and topical treatments. However, many people are choosing to go the less traditional route to combat their hair loss. One of these less traditional solutions is called scalp micropigmentation, which, according to Trillium Ink, is a process similar to permanent makeup.

Scalp micropigmentation is a process similar to tattooing, in which tiny micro pigments are applied to your hair line to fill in any gaps. 
Many people prefer scalp micropigmentation over other methods because it is a lot less invasive. Unlike a hair transplant, there is essentially no recovery time, and you can get back to work and other activities shortly after the procedure. Scalp micropigmentation, unlike medications and topical treatments, guarantees results. In fact, you’ll leave the clinic with a fuller hairline even after your first treatment. To get scalp micropigmentation in Georgia, check out SMP Georgia.

Hair Loss Options in Manchester

Hair Loss Options in Manchester

Premature Hair Loss

Some people experience hair loss at an extremely young age. It could be due to a hormonal imbalance, medical condition, or genetics, but it’s not uncommon to see someone in their early years suffering from a receding hairline. More often than not, these people don’t always know how to make sense of their hair loss. It can take a toll on someone’s self-confidence and leave them extremely self-conscious.

Hair loss can be scary, especially at a young age. A lot of people aren’t aware of the different ways to cope with hair loss, and are even less aware of the solutions near them. For instance, Manchester is chock-full of hidden gems that can help you fight back against premature hair loss. Here are the top ways to battle hair loss if you’re in Manchester!

  1. Wigs. No matter where you are, you can always look around for a good wig. Many specialty wigmakers take custom orders, so that the wig you purchase is indistinguishable from your natural hair. Many modern wigs allow for heat styling, so there’s no need to worry about melting the wig while getting ready for a night out! You might even be able to order a wig through your insurance, depending on whether or not your hair loss occurred due to a medical condition. 
  2. Scalp Micropigmentation. There’s no shortage of clinics in Manchester that specialize in scalp micropigmentation, or SMP for short. SMP uses ink to fill in sparse areas of hair on the scalp, allowing you to go out looking and feeling your best. The ink blends in with your natural hair to create a lush head of hair. This is also an incredibly customizable look; you can take control of how your hair looks with this type of styling. (For those of you outside of Manchester, another great option is Scalp & Art in Nottingham.)
  3. Embracing the bald look. If you want what is probably the fastest solution for combatting hair loss, consider going for a fully-shaved head. The “Mr. Clean” look is coming back into style, with many people without hair loss voluntarily shaving their heads. Frequent shaving is required to maintain the smooth, soft appearance. While this might be a bit of a time commitment, it’s still a simple and inexpensive alternative to hiding hair loss.
  4. Hair restoration surgery. You’ve heard of hair transplants, or “plugs,” as they are often called. This procedure has been around for decades, and has only gotten better with time. That being said, this procedure is highly dependent on the amount of healthy hair follicles throughout the head. If you’re experiencing thinning hair all over, this may not work for you. Look up the one nearest you and schedule a consultation if this sounds like something that could work for you.

Hopefully this list inspires you to venture out of your comfort zone and take back control of your style. What works for others might not work for you, but there’s no harm in trying. Don’t be afraid to try one (or all) of these options until you find a style that works for you!

Weaves and Hair Loss

Weaves and Hair Loss

For many women, weaves can be a huge source of self-confidence. They allow many women to experience a new type of hair with more security and less hassle than a wig. However, underneath a weave, natural hair still exists underneath.

Sometimes, whether we realize it or not, the weaves we are having applied to our heads can damage our natural hair. To keep yourself aware of the potential risks that come with wearing a weave, you should keep on reading. Pass on the information to any family and friends that you know that wears a weave!

The Connection

Those who regularly wear weaves know that the process can be very intensive and very, very painful. Usually, it involves the forceful manipulation of hair and the tightening of the hairline. This can lead to a phenomenon called traction alopecia, in which the hair is falling out at significant rates due to the force applied to the hair.

For black women, wearing weaves can leave to central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia, which is hair loss that occurs mainly on the center of the head or the crown of the head. This type of hair loss is most commonly seen in women, but may also be seen in black men as well.

What to Do

If hair loss becomes a significant problem, try to take out your weave, or have a professional do so, as soon as you possibly can. This will allow your head to relax and prevent even more hair from falling out.

However, significant amounts of damage may already be done. To combat your hair loss, you can reach out to companies that are experts in scalp micropigmentation. These experts will fill in your hairline with droplets of pigments in a process that is very comparable to tattooing but obviously a lot more natural-looking. Read more on Hairline Ink’s website.